Switchbru DNS
Access the full Internet on your Nintendo Switch

  1. Set the DNS to
  2. Try to connect to the Internet!

What is it?

Switchbru DNS is a public DNS server that enables the Nintendo Switch to browse the open Internet using its built-in web browser.

How to Use

Enter the IP address under your console's manual DNS settings. Only entering the primary DNS is required.

For alternative IP addresses, check out BrowseDNS. The network settings can be found under: Settings -> Internet -> Internet Settings -> [your network] -> Change Settings -> DNS Settings -> Manual -> Primary. See screen shots here.

Terms of Use

This service is provided free of charge with no warranty whatsoever. The service does not collect, store, or retain any user data. Your usage of these DNS servers is at-will and at your own risk.

Switchbru DNS has been running successfully since March 10th, 2017. Our users have not reported negative side-effects from using the service, however the above disclaimer still applies.


If using the above addresses do not result in the browser appearing, you may need to check your network stack, as the DNS could be getting overridden by your router or your Internet Service Provider.

For more info, see the ForTheUsers FAQ for assistance, or drop by the 4TU Discord server. You can also post on the BrowseDNS.net forums, or r/Switchbru subreddit.

If you'd like to access the browser but not this server, you can check out YourFriendlyDNS to self-host.

Disappears Randomly? No Videos? Cookies?

This browser is intentionally limited on the Switch by Nintendo. We have an open petition to them, check it out here!

The petition has almost 15,000 signatures. Please share it and let others know! The ideal best-case scenario is that manufacturers like Nintendo and Sony allow the user to just access the browser directly like any other app, and then this DNS workaround no longer needs to exist.

How it Works

The Domain Name System lookup results returned by this service employ DNS spoofing when your console attempts to reach Nintendo and Sony connection test domains.

This is the same technique used by Hotel, University, and Airline Wi-Fi hotspots to force the user to visit a Captive Portal (often to pay or authenticate for Internet access). When the Switch is unable to connect, it displays its built-in hard-to-access web browser, which then takes the user to a landing page where they can reach the open Internet.

The redirected domains are as follows:

Every other domain name request outside of these connection domains is returned properly, using either Google DNS or Cloudflare's (Depending on system load).

The spoofed domains are re-routed to a LaneChange instance, which then redirects further to another page based on the incoming user IP. The default of these possible redirects the Switchbru Dashboard.